Chasing the warm spring breeze in March and bathed in the warm sun, the opening ceremony of the First Sports Carnival was held in the morning of March 1, 2023 at SUIS HF. Our students were in high spirits and excited, gathering in this world of fun and meeting in this sea of vitality, burning with pride and showing the glory of life.



Entrance Ceremony



The national flag team, the school flag team and the athletes were in the forefront with their athletic stance and valiant style, accompanied by the solemn national flag.



With the flag guard guarding the school flag, the students of SUIS HF felt a great sense of love for the school.




P1A chose the light-hearted hand gesture dance “Rock Paper Scissors” to let the children feel the fun of movement in a joyful melody. In addition, we wore Chinese red in the choice of costumes and props, combined with three cute little lions to fully demonstrate the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture.


The breath of youth is like the sunrise of birth, and the strength of vigour is like the splash of sunlight. The early spring morning breeze gently roused the sun to turn the long runway into a long journey. On this day, the children of P1B chose the colour of the sky and took the youthful steps of the National Youth Foundation. The future is under the children’s feet.



Over the past few weeks, the children in P1C have been working with their teachers on this ‘Health Song’ exercise. Body is the essence of everything and the sports day was a great way to plant the seeds of keeping healthy in the hearts of the children. With dynamic music, bright smiling faces, happy dancing and red hot costumes, we hope that the children’s future will be like this song: a healthy person is a happy person!



The song chosen by P1D is the Ultraman theme song “Miracle Reproduction”, which the children love and enjoy very much. Both the lyrics and the dance are very righteous, and they reflect the noble spirit of Ultraman to never give up in the face of adversity and danger and to go forward. It also inspires children not to give up in the face of difficulties in life. Just like the lyrics of the song: “Like the sunlight through the night, the dawn creeps across the sky”. The class uniform was chosen as a youthful and sunny sports suit, with a red, blue and white colour scheme that echoed the Ultraman song chosen! The colours of red, blue and white echoed the Ultraman song chosen, showing the children’s positive, brave, sunny and optimistic spirit.



The children of P1E wore the five-star red flag on their bodies, just like 20 little red flags fluttering on the runway of SUIS HF. They are like free birds flying into the distance, they are like lively waves surging into the ocean of knowledge, and they are even like a begonia blooming in the SUIS Hefei Campus.



Look, the P2A students are here with the “gift of arrival” (ukulele), dressed as a band, happily plucking the four strings, they are riding the wave of the sun!



Bright smiles overflowed in the fluorescent colours of childhood, and the 23 little stars of P2B greeted us with their brisk dance steps exuding vigour and vitality. Sports don’t stop there, let’s have fun!



Look, the P2C students are riding the wind and walking against the light. The mysterious silvery purple colour is their strength and shows their spirit of never giving up. The sky is wide and the earth is wide, the wind is in your face, tomorrow you will be the best.




They have a heart to swallow the universe, a chivalrous bone to endure the frost, and a moon to blow out the reading lamp. Under the veil of the hat, the eyes are steadfast, in black and red robes, they are all snappy and sharp in their actions, the “young warriors” of the P2D are capable of literature and martial arts.



Carrying dreams through the clouds, passing through the starry river. They are the P3A students, confident and resolute. When the “divine arrow” shot up to the sky, when the “sport” wings spread to the sky, the children’s “space dreams” were lit up by sport. The 24 little astronauts are growing up in their own little universe, following the light of the stars and becoming brave and idealistic children, whose journey is to the stars and the sea.




P3B performed the dance “Let’s Go Happy” with vigour and vitality! The children were dressed in bright yellow sportswear, adding a splash of colour to the glorious spring day. The children were dressed in bright yellow sportswear, adding a splash of colour to the bright spring day.



Accompanied by the melodious melody of “Yu Jun Shu”, a large fish lantern of about 2 meters long led 20 small fish lanterns, sometimes gathering and sometimes playing, just like swimming in a painting. This is a special folk sport form of Huizhou – fish lantern dance, the prototype of which comes from the folklore fish lantern of She County, Anhui Province, with a history of more than 600 years ago. This is a new attempt to implement the “Five Education Initiatives” in school education. Nowadays, non-traditional folk sports are facing the dilemma of being lost, if children can participate in them, they can certainly revive and even activate the non-traditional culture. For the children, this is not only a physical education lesson, but also a history lesson and a moral education lesson to enhance the cultural self-confidence of the Xiehe generation.



Dressed in Chinese-style costumes and dancing with dragon flags, the youngsters from P4B gave us a neat and tidy performance of “Young China Says”!




The children of P5A were transformed into sturdy little warriors, dressed in camouflage uniforms, with a firm footing and an imposing presence. They are determined to defend their country. A strong country, with me!


“My name is Chicky, Chicky,Chicky,Chicky…”伴着《小鸡恰恰舞》的音乐,P5B孩子们动情地舞蹈,脸上洋溢着快乐的笑容,这一刻,他们就是全场最靓的仔。

My name is Chicky, Chicky, Chicky, Chicky…” accompanied by the music of “Chicky Cha Cha Dance”, the P5B children danced emotionally with happy smiles on their faces, and at this moment, they were the most beautiful children in the whole audience.



In order to meet the fun theme of the Sports Carnival, the P6A children chose the Northeast Flower Coat as their class uniform, and set it to the sporty and magical dance song “Moscow”, hoping to convey happiness and youthful energy to everyone. They also responded to the national trend culture that has emerged in recent years and expressed the idea that “what is national is global”.



P6B’s square performance was a positive and sunny group dance called “Everyday Up”. With the graduation season upon us, the P6B students brainstormed and designed the class uniform and slogan for the performance. With high spirits, we are willing to set sail in the magnificent youth that is about to unfold. With our neat and tidy movements and loud slogans, this is our united and courageous youth!




The melodies are always uplifting, and the gorgeous dance moves bring out the passion of youth. Students from S7A, who were full of youthful energy, presented the dance “MOOD”.




The students of S8A danced lightly to the music of “Small Town Summer”. Dancing to the beat of the music, they danced with their youthfulness and infected everyone in the audience.



The energetic S9 students and teachers walked in neat squads and took vigorous steps as they brought out the youthful and energetic dance “Calorie”, singing and dancing with high spirits and upward mobility. They firmly believe that whether on the field of sports or in the trials of life, they will become a beautiful scenery on the way forward and success will surely accompany this never-say-die team.



Students from the Senior School prepared “Cheerleading” and “Rhythmic Classroom Exercise”, among which the “Cheerleading” programme participated in the “2021-2022 National Cheerleading League (Hefei Station)” and won four national championships. Through the collective cooperation of the players to complete complex hand positions and dance movements, the students showed their youthful energy and positive team spirit, and applauded the sports carnival.



After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, Principal Wendy Yu presented the opening speech of the sports carnival. She said that the most important thing to cherish after the epidemic is health. She hoped that by holding this event, the seed of love for sports would be planted in children’s hearts, igniting the passion for sports, promoting health for all, and enjoying health for teachers and students. In closing, she called on all students and teachers to come together to enjoy the joy of exercise and be the first to take responsibility for their own health.



This was followed by a solemn oath by the representatives of the referees and athletes.


Finally, Principal Wendy Yu declared the opening of the first Sports Carnival.




We hope that the children will continue to carry forward the sports spirit of constantly surpassing themselves; and spend every day of their future lives in a healthy and happy manner through persistent sports. Let’s all look forward to the next sports carnival for the children of SUIS HF to enjoy sports and reap the benefits of happiness.